Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered here, please contact the Hall’s volunteer committee and ask!

Hall Use

Do you allow 18th and 21st birthday parties?

  • No. The hall is only available for children’s parties up to the age of 12 years.

Is alcohol allowed at the hall?

  • No. This is a strict no, as the Hall is not able to take on the liability of people under the influence of alcohol.

When can I start setting up for my event?

  • Your booking should include set up/clean up time.

What is the latest time I can book the hall?

  • The hall must be vacated by 9:30 pm.

Can I decorate for my celebration?

  • Certainly! However, you may not use duct tape or sticky tape on the mirrors, and the Hall must be returned to the same clean condition as you found it.

 Are jumping castles permitted?

  • The set-up of a generator powered jumping castle is permitted outside.
  • We recommend castles that are no bigger than 4.5m x 4.5m and 4.5m high to ensure they fit in the grounds.
  • Please ensure the company that you engage have their own public liability insurance.

What are the clean up/finishing requirements?

  • Users are required to leave the hall in the same clean condition they found it.
  • Hall floor should be swept and spillages mopped (no need to mop entire floor).
  • Kitchen benches cleared and wiped.
  • All food and drink removed from the fridge.
  • All rubbish placed in the bin outside. If the bin is full, you need to take the rubbish home with you.
  • Make sure all door and windows are locked at the end of the session.
  • Make sure all lights and air conditioners are switched off.

Do I need public liability insurance?

  • Permanent users are required to have their own public liability insurance and need to provide an up to date copy of their certificate of insurance.
  • Casual users hosting a public event, or providing a public service will also be required to have their own public liability insurance.
  • Casual users setting up a jumping castle will need to obtain public liability insurance.
  • Other casual or party users are not required to provide insurance.

What do I do if there is a problem?

  • The hall is run by volunteers who are not normally available on weekends. Please try to deal with any issues that arise.
  • If there is an emergency, call the hall mobile. If there is a major issue and you cannot reach the booking officer you can contact one of the other committee members. Their contact information is available on the notice board.
  • Please let the Booking Officer know of any minor maintenance issues by email.

Payments and Entry

What are the Hire Rates?

  • Regular (Permanent) weekday users (profit): $20/hour
  • Regular (Permanent) weekday users (non-profit): $10/hour
  • Weekend Hire: $30/hour
  • Casual bookings: $30/hour

How do I pay?

  • We only accept electronic payments.
  • For Casual bookings, an invoice will be issued and full payment of the bond and hiring fees are required to secure a booking. If there is a problem paying the whole fee on booking, we ask for a minimum $50 deposit and the remaining invoice must be paid at least three weeks before your booking.
  • For Regular (Permanent) Bookings, invoices are issued at the beginning of each school term.

Can I get a refund if I cancel?

  • Events can be only be rescheduled. We allow reschedules to occur for the following 24 months, providing there is an available timeslot.

When and how do I pick up the keys?

  • You will be informed about key pickup arrangements a few days before your booking, provided full payment has been received. The key should be returned as soon as possible after your booking.

What are the entry and exit requirements?

  • Entry and exit is via the playground, through the left hand door. All other doors can be opened once inside the hall.

How do I get my bond back?

  • Bonds are returned once the keys are returned and as long as the hall has been left in good condition. They are returned by electronic transfer.


How many people can the hall hold?

  • 40-50 in the indoor space.
  • 50-70 with the use of the outdoor space.

What is the size of the hall?

  • 7 M x 10 M (70 m2)

What equipment is available?

  • Chairs: 65 adult & 35 child-size.
  • Tables: 6 large, 1 small & 5 child-size.
  • Large enclosed playground/play equipment and sand pit.
  • Outdoor toys for hire.

Can I use the kitchen and what is available in it?

  • Yes, the kitchen is available for use. There is a stove, oven, microwave, kettle, urn and a bar fridge. You should bring your own crockery and utensils to use in the kitchen. Please don’t leave any food or drink in the fridge/freezer.

Can I open the windows?

  • The windows above the mirrors can be opened.
  • The windows facing Chinner Crescent cannot be opened.

What toilets are available?

  • There are two toilets available. One is wheelchair accessible.

Is the hall wheel chair accessible?

  • Yes, via the ramp near the carpark.

What toys are for hire?

  • The outdoor toys can be hired for $25/session. They include sandpit toys, ride on toys, balls etc.
  • They are suitable for children up to the age of 6 years.

Is there heating and cooling?

  • Yes, there are two reverse cycle units. Please make sure they are switched off before leaving.

Does the hall hire out equipment (ie tables and chairs)?

  • No. The hall is very busy and the equipment is used by hirers throughout the week.
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